Simplify Your Routine with Lighting Automation

A home lit with Ketra lighting automation.

Wake Up Each Day to Lighting that Works for You

Imagine waking up to lights slowly brightening, similar to waking up to the rising sun. They continue to brighten as you rise from bed and get ready for the day. Then, as you leave your bedroom, the lights throughout your home are already on, tuned exactly how you prefer to boost productivity in the morning. Everything is tailored to your idea of a perfect morning, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Sounds too good to be true? With lighting automation, this could be your everyday reality! Smart home lighting from brands like Lutron and Ketra can be automated to work around your schedule and provide multiple points of control. You’ll love how the lights elevate your Southlake, TX, home while giving you more freedom of control.

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Illuminates Your Home Around Your Schedule

In addition to your lights turning on as you wake up, they can be scheduled to adapt throughout the rest of your day. For example, they can turn off as you leave the house for work, but they’ll return to your preferred afternoon lighting scene as soon as you return home. As the day winds down, the lights in your home can change to a warm glow to help you relax and prepare for bed. No matter your preference or schedule, your smart lights are there to support you.

Multiple Points of Control

Being able to automate your lights means they’ll adjust automatically without you having to tell them. However, life is full of surprises, and sometimes you might need to deviate from this schedule unexpectedly. With lights by Lutron and Ketra, this couldn’t be easier. You can use the sleek wall panels to adjust your lights, turn them on or off, or change the lighting scene. Additionally, you can use a remote, your smartphone, or a smart home automation device. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re always in control.

Integrates with Sensors

To simplify home lighting even further, your Lutron lights can integrate with Lutron Occupancy/Vacancy and Daylight sensors. With these sensors, your lights can automatically adjust based on the state of your home. For example, if your Occupancy/Vacancy sensor detects no one is home, but the lights were left on, it’ll signal to your lights to shut off. Then, when it detects movement, the lights will turn on again. Similarly, the daylight sensor detects how much natural light is in your home and will adjust your light to supplement that, resulting in a beautifully lit space.

Get easy-to-control lighting that transforms your space and works for you. Contact Comware AV to learn more about lighting automation and how it can enhance your Southlake, TX, home. Our team will work with you to come up with a plan for integrating and automating your ideal Lutron lights.

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