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Elevate Your Home’s Beauty With Premium Lighting Design

Elevate Your Home’s Beauty With Premium Lighting Design

Transform Your Home With Light Creates a More Stunning, Relaxing Space

You work hard to decorate your home and maintain its beauty, but with poor lighting, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is. It’ll feel dark, dingy, and unwelcoming. People respond to light and typically want to spend more time in well-lit places.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a home lighting solution that will shine a light on the beauty of your home. With lighting design that incorporates Lutron control and Ketra fixtures, you can enjoy illumination that changes with your needs, lifts your mood, and ensures your home is a place you can relax and enjoy yourself. Check out how brilliant lighting can elevate the elegance of your Westlake, TX, home here!

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Unrivaled Lighting

Many homes utilize incandescent or CFL bulbs, which are less efficient and elegant than modern options. LED bulbs offer more possibilities regarding color temperature and dimming functionality and are adaptable to provide the best lighting experiences throughout your home. 

Our lighting design team takes a comprehensive assessment of your living spaces and can incorporate various ambient, accent, and task lighting fixtures that make your home look and feel its best. Instead of having a single lamp brighten one corner of a room while the rest of the space feels dark and dreary, a Lutron-controlled lighting design layers several types of lighting. For example, in-ceiling light fixtures provide ambient light for general illumination, while under-cabinet lighting provides invaluable task lighting that adds safety to your cooking routines!

Completely Customizable

Though most light bulbs are dimmable, and many offer single color options such as a bright white or warm dim, they don’t offer much else in terms of functionality. With Ketra fixtures, you have the entire lighting spectrum at your fingertips and within a single bulb! 

You can change the tone, brightness, and color of your lights, with bulbs shifting to the exact setting you want, whether a warm dim glow or bright white, automatically to mimic sunlight or on-demand with the tap of a finger on an on-wall keypad. A lighting design featuring Ketra fixtures and Lutron control is excellent for entertaining. Before parties, find and save a setting you love as a smart scene you can easily access again once the party starts. 

Make Colors Pop with Ketra

Did you know that not all white light is the same? Different tones of white light bring out different colors and details within artwork and furnishings. Ketra has perfected white lighting with its proprietary Vibrancy feature, creating a solution that showcases the full beauty of your decor, art, and furniture! Colors will pop, and you’ll notice small details of your interior design like never before.

If you’re ready to transform your North Texas home with lighting, contact our team here! We strive to bring premium lighting control and innovative smart home designs to our clients, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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