Simplify Your Routine with Lighting Automation

A home lit with Ketra lighting automation.

Wake Up Each Day to Lighting that Works for You

Imagine waking up to lights slowly brightening, similar to waking up to the rising sun. They continue to brighten as you rise from bed and get ready for the day. Then, as you leave your bedroom, the lights throughout your home are already on, tuned exactly how you prefer to boost productivity in the morning. Everything is tailored to your idea of a perfect morning, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Sounds too good to be true? With lighting automation, this could be your everyday reality! Smart home lighting from brands like Lutron and Ketra can be automated to work around your schedule and provide multiple points of control. You’ll love how the lights elevate your Southlake, TX, home while giving you more freedom of control.

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Elevate Your Home’s Beauty With Premium Lighting Design

Elevate Your Home’s Beauty With Premium Lighting Design

Transform Your Home With Light Creates a More Stunning, Relaxing Space

You work hard to decorate your home and maintain its beauty, but with poor lighting, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is. It’ll feel dark, dingy, and unwelcoming. People respond to light and typically want to spend more time in well-lit places.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a home lighting solution that will shine a light on the beauty of your home. With lighting design that incorporates Lutron control and Ketra fixtures, you can enjoy illumination that changes with your needs, lifts your mood, and ensures your home is a place you can relax and enjoy yourself. Check out how brilliant lighting can elevate the elegance of your Westlake, TX, home here!

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Meet Coastal Source: Delivering Premium Outdoor Audio to Your Home

A Coastal Source speaker installed in a garden.

Pump Your Backyard Full of HiFi Audio from Speakers Made to Last

Imagine hosting a backyard cookout for your family and friends with high-quality, distributed audio playing in the background. You could play whatever music you want or create a collaborative playlist for all your guests to contribute to. With an outdoor audio system, you’ll have speakers ready to add music to every backyard gathering.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about your speakers during extreme weather. Outdoor speaker brands like Coastal Source pack powerful audio into a durable package that is made to withstand all weather. Coastal Source has products for every type of backyard and preference. 

Keep reading to learn more about Coastal Source and how they’ll work in your Highland Park, TX, backyard.

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Top Ways Outdoor Lighting Turns Your Space Into a Stunning Oasis

A luxurious roofed outdoor space with fancy seating and a fire pit.

Extend your living spaces with the ultimate outdoor lighting solutions! 

What is your favorite thing about spring and summer? For many people, it’s the warm weather that allows them to open up the windows and spend more time outside; for others, it is the smell of freshly-cut grass and the beauty of their flowerbeds blooming. For a few more, the warmer months of the year are all about hanging out with friends and family and hosting cookouts, pool parties, and movie nights under the stars. 

No matter what you love the most, there is one thing we can all agree on: the daylight hours don’t provide enough time to enjoy your alfresco spaces. If you want to keep the fun going at any time of the day, we highly recommend integrating outdoor lighting solutions. Keep reading our blog below to learn how a new or upgraded outdoor lighting setup can help you boost the backyard, patio, or terrace on your property in the Southlake, TX, area.

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