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3 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology

Large conference room table with seating all around and a display screen at the front of the room.


The rise of remote working and virtual meetings has changed the workplace considerably in the last few years. If your meeting spaces aren’t equipped to handle these changes—for example, if they don't support high-quality video conferencing—it's likely time for an upgrade. Bare-bones boardrooms, huddle spaces, and meeting rooms will no longer suffice for the fast-paced, always-connected work environment we now live in! 

Now, staff are in back-to-back meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams with clients and colleagues across town and the globe. Advanced conference room technology is a necessary improvement that owners and managers must consider for their Southlake, TX, businesses.

Below, we’ll cover tell-tale signs that your spaces are outdated, then we’ll explore how to improve the situation with a few value-adding technologies. Keep reading to learn more.

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Explore the Key Aspects of an Enterprise-Grade Network Installation

Shot of a beautiful home office set up with a chair and desk with a laptop open next to a red mug with a window and indoor plant in the distance.

Is a High-Performance Network Right for Your Residence?

If you're not used to hearing the term "enterprise-grade" when discussing a home network installation, you're not alone. Typically designed for a large-scale business or organization, it's possible to utilize this robust networking equipment and technologies in a home.  

Comware AV offers our residential clients a reliable and efficient service with an unparalleled infrastructure concerning home networks. Keep reading to learn more about the components of a high-end system for your Southlake, TX, home! 

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5 Ways Crestron Gives You Complete Smart Home Control

A family sitting on the couch together, controlling their home with a Crestron remote.

Control Your Entire Home with the Touch of a Button

Smart homes are designed to give you comprehensive control over your technology, from motorized shades to home entertainment. When choosing a smart home system, selecting one that is intuitive and makes home management a seamless process is crucial. 

Crestron smart home systems provide homeowners with an integrated home management platform and multiple points of control. No matter where you are—whether away at the office or in your Highland Park, TX, home—you can easily adjust your home as you need. Keep reading to learn more about Crestron smart homes and how they provide seamless smart home control.

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3 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades in Your Home

Lutron motorized shades in a luxurious home.

Embrace Luxury With Easy to Control Shades

Trying to control traditional blinds and shades can be a hassle, requiring you to go from room to room to check every window. Shades with cords and rods are even harder to control. Motorized shades solve this problem, by giving you easy, contactless control. Keep reading to learn more about motorized window treatments and what they can provide to your home in Westlake, TX.

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